1. Currently attending a conference. Virtualization is definitely on its way out within the next 5-10 years. The technology is moving towards Docker, Kubernetics, and anything in that kind of deployment realm. I spoke to a RedHat consultant at the vendor booth and he was telling me about the advancements RedHat has been making in that realm.

    If your organization isn’t already using virtualization, I wouldn’t waste time studying into it. Containers are getting more and more popular and has even become the focus on some vulnerable machines I’ve encountered either in CTF environments or VPN networks with vulnerable hosts.

    • I wonder what this means for us small players like me as just a 1 man band business. Most of my work is in a rural area. I don’t do tons of server work now. Mostly small businesses and still residential clients. The businesses I work for mostly use their computers for web-based things, quickbooks/peachtree, Office (some migrated to 365) and your odd and in program here and there that might be industry specific.

      It seems like as we go to more serverless architecture and just pay per user software in the cloud…eventually my work now goes completely away. Around this area there’s still a lot of resistance to anything that costs more per month. I think a lot of them think they’ll spend more money in the long run but don’t look at any benefits of it either. Just rambling here really but it does make me think in the future computer hardware will likely be repairless (such as what Rossman in NY does) and support will be a niche for a specific application…so the general computer support guys will no longer be needed and will have to maybe look into support for a specific product or service that’s needed.

      • My advice would be to focus on what’s relevant to the kind of work you’re doing. You’re already seeing the early warning signs of what’s coming, which is an indicator it’s time to start thinking about what skillset you want to learn and develop next. Serverless, Cloud, and Containers are the coming future.

        Think about what would be fun to work with, learn about companies already using the technology, and start getting your hands dirty. If you can pick up a certification before your goes away completely, you should be able to find a new job without much effort. Eli raises a very valid and relevant point though, focus and learn what your employer wants or needs you to learn. On your own time, focus on learning what you want to do next.

        Waiting for after the job is irrelevant is a little too late to by trying to learn a new skillset.

  2. ahh as siular in age as eli , (41 next month) its like vhs vs beta hddvd vs bluray. i remember when nintendo came out vs atari etc… rember when plasma tv were $1000 per inch/
    hedge your bets because there is always something new going down the rails. most recently 3-d tv massive adoption failure ,

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