1. Dude I’m only 25 with a wife and two kids (soon to be three), and this kind of stuff is always in the back of my mind. Life and industry and technology are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. It’s pretty mind-boggling and kind of disheartening to think about having to always try to keep ahead of the wave before it drowns you. If I live to be 100 years old, I’ve already lived a quarter of my life, and I still have no idea what the hell’s going on.

    That said, What’s your opinion on the future of virtualization in the tech industry? That’s where I’m headed right now, but it’s gonna suck if I find out I’m catching the tail end of the wave.

    • It is difficult always trying to keep ahead of the wave that’s for sure. It seems like app development is big at the moment but I know for me I’m just horrible with programming so it’d never work for me personally.

      I’m curious to know Eli’s opinion on virtualization too. It seems like many companies would jump onboard with it since it’s likely to be a big money saver for them.

    • … Look into Serverless Architectures… THAT is the future!!! Virtualization’s expiration date is getting close. It’s good tech, but the whole concept of a dedicated OS is growing old….

  2. Eli,

    My man, I appreciate all that Generation X Information Technology Professionals have done in the industry to get things started in our what we now know as the modern world but its time for the powers that be to pass the torch on down to the Millennial Generation.

    Think you can handle that?


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