1. Baltimore city isn’t as cool as London ? Mind blown Eli, mind buh-lown.

    But this does worry me, because I’m married to an american teacher, and she keeps making noises about moving ‘somewhere like Baltimore’, I think she imagines it’ll be something like that Michelle Pfeiffer movie where she turns all the gang banger students on to poetry and they all carry her aloft on their shoulders or something, but I worry it’ll be more like a movie where Michelle Pfeiffer is married to a pasty white British guy who gets himself shot by wandering into the wrong part of town looking all British and confused.

    • yeahhhh… tell her to think about rural areas if she wants to do “good”… Oklahoma needs teachers!

      I had friends in the education system, and that sounded hellish. Kids telling the teachers off, attacking teachers, etc…

      “Slattery’s assault by a student was just one of seven hundred that school year in Baltimore City Public Schools where its own data shows an average of four school personnel were assaulted each day in 2010.”


      • Thanks, yeah, it is worrisome, I’ve had to intimidate a couple of teenagers (I’m not scary, but even I can intimidate a 14 year old) who have behaved aggressively towards my wife, and this is in a relatively low-crime area. I dread to think what it’s like in truly rough areas, where weapons are common place.

  2. This video came out on May 15 but you said it was Valentines Day and that is in February? What is going on? I thought this was supposed to be current? Have a nice day!

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