DJI Mavic Pro Lets Live Forest Test

This is testing the DJI Mavic Pro in Tripod mode wandering the forest/wetland behind my house. I still need work piloting, but this ins after owning the drone for 2 days, having less than 2 hours flight time experience with drones.


    • it’s f’ing phenomenal!!! My only issue with the footage is my piloting skills being so jilted, but give me a week or so and I think I’ll be putting out some gorgeous content… The tripod mode is great because it sets the maximum forward speed to 2.5 miles an hour so I can easily walk behind the drone and just give it gentle nudges to go in the right direction.

  1. video quality is excellent no question about that….

    My issue is that every drone can take a video in the same quality of me , if I like it or not….


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