1. It’s amazing the psychological effects something like social media can have on us. There have been actual studies into human habits and how habits are made which have been used to help drive the goal of keeping people on the platform for as long as possible. Mix that in with the psychology of how people think and building profiles based on data collection and you have a recipe for potentially reprogramming people’s habits without them even realizing it.

    –The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg (Recommended reading written by a military trained psychologist)

    If you can get your customers to become dependent on your product, make them feel like they can’t live without it, you’ll have always returning business.

    • lol me as well, i justify it as good commentary and educational focus, things to ponder , rather then just filler garbage like i put toothpaste on my video card and oj in my water tank etc… no real value compared to eli or the guy from new yourk fixing fruit

  2. Yeah, I’m not dependent on any of these systems. I can be offline for hours, upon hours at a time. When I’m out in public you’ll see a bunch of people looking at screens and then me staring up into the clouds.

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