1. The experiment you talked, there is even a movie about it.
    Damn! Haven’t look at it this way, the common actitude to YouTube content creators for a lot of time has been “Suck it up and man up”.

    Maybe this marks the break point.

  2. Yeah, it definitely isn’t good. I believe Alphabet’s involvement with content creators on the platform known as YouTube is limited due to the fact that creators are essentially independent contractors or consultants using the site at their own free will.

    Maybe it is time for Alphabet to change that model and start to create more barrier to entries and have more of a Business Relationship with the creators on their platform.

  3. I can reliably do two videos a week on my youtube while maintaining my coasy software support job.

    I had thought about this topic before, I would like to take this to become a director.
    I did make the choice to have the saftynet of a 9 to 6 job even if it takes longer to develop my skill.

    But thats the differance, yes i am on yt but I also got my college degree.

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