1. You are wise beyond your years I Give you that. There are certain times when it seems as if a peice of info from whatever source seems completey not pertinent to one self. Now i am not a smart man by any means, i like to think of my self as adaptable in the least. When i run across some of your content i was thinking exactly that,, useless to me , although now always in the depths of my mind somewhere. as i begin to see the world moving toward tech faster and faster , ive gone back to what was deemed and catolouged away as useless , gone back becasue simply not to so useless any more as my ideas of what shall i do or become have migrated here or there , not where it was anyhow. I must admit. i can see the value in this content where as i think to myself why and how the hell have i not figured this or saw it before . seems so trivialy easy . id like to go back over all of content simpkly because i know ive missed some perceptions of great val;ue that , me wanting to be of help and value to tghe world around me could certainly take advantage of. Now do i have umpteen many hours worth of content to soak in , givin what i have on plate currently. I do., is there a way i would be able to zero out the most apllicable and potential to me i wonder … what ought i even consider doing with the lessons of learned is a topic of content a viewer would not discount i asertain . givin of course viewer is one not to rush to immediate judgement of uselessness and dismisal.

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