1. Sorry to hear about your bad holiday experience..

    Seems Sandals is using the hooker sales approach: “Everything is no problem and you will have the time of your life, hand over the cash now.” Once the money is gone the excuses start…..


  2. Nice thoughts on this video.
    This Sheryl Sandberg thing reminds me of the new trend about “Schools banning best friends to protect students’ feelings”. Seriously! Just Google it.
    I live in Brazil and have been following all this Social Justice movement in the US and Canada with great attention. And I do this because almost everything that happens culturally over you guys on North America, kind of comes to the South part of the Continent some years afterwards. We are already seen this happening over here and I wonder what will be the effects in a much less dinamic and free economy that we have over here.

  3. *Part of “taking your toys and going home” is not affiliating(working for/patronizing/etc.) with companies that employee senior staff members that espouse socialist/backward beliefs.

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