1. Well said, Eli. Coming from Texas we have for the most part have remained to be practical in nature and I myself am a person who’s always liked being self sufficient and never having wanted anyone to help me out financially… not even my own parents or other members within my family or friends for that matter.

    I like to say that I have goals instead of passion and when it comes to the grind, I just burn through the work until I achieve whatever it is that I want to achieve.

    Yesterday, in fact when I was out at lunch I had a thought about minimum wage workers in the fast food industry as I was waiting for my meal to be brought out to me at a Sonic drive-in restaurant. Basically, my thought was what if someone started a consulting business and worked to provide economically disadvantaged people with practical knowledge about life and business. It could be called, Better Man Consulting Services. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Eli,

    I am posting my general question here because I do not know of a better place to post. Sorry if this is inappropriate! If I could be doing this in a better way could you please let me know how? I’m definitely not trying to be innapropriate.

    My question is: when you do send-outs do you exclude Canadians? Yes, I would like to receive one; but I am just curious mainly. Have a great day!

    Sincerely, Nickel Bonez!

  3. Dear Eli,
    It is now 11:45 on Easter Sunday! I am trying to play one of your videos and cannot because YT says that “Snap, something is wrong”

    Is this the truely first home in the coffin or nail. Are they at sudden callapse right now! We I jsut wanna say that I get a who lotta joy outta YT so I hope not!

    What are your thoughts?
    Sincerely, Nickel Bonez.

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