#DeleteFacebook (Because It’s a Really Sucky Company)

Should you delete your Facebook Account because of Cambridge Analytica… or any of the other half dozen instances of Facebook being a crappy company..?


  1. I agree. I personally have been off of Facebook for years, until recently when I had decided to create an account about a month ago which I hardened the security on it and turned off indexing so it doesn’t get picked up by any search engine.

    However, I’ve been considering axing the account again and scheduling it for deletion. TBD!

  2. I’ve stopped actively using Facebook since 2013 for personal posting and in the last 4 months, I’ve pretty much stopped using it completely. I did create a Twitter account recently but it’s purely for professional use and much like Eli, to use as an RSS feed for security-related news both offensive and defensive.

    Political posts are still hard to avoid in the news feeds but I’ve learned to just scroll past them. We’ll see how long I can manage to stick to Twitter.

  3. Had a small YouTube channel that made around $100 a year. It was too small under the new ad rules and what really pissed me off is that I couldn’t get the $86 I made this year paid out. So I deleted the channel

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