1. This is extraordinary. This man is a genius! All of his videos have helped me so much in my journey as a startup founder! I want to meet this computer guru in real-life. I live in Ellicott City, Maryland.


  2. In my view it makes perfect sense that Failed Normal is doing far better than Eli…….

    Failed Normal offers me each day an easily understandable insight into the daily issues relating to content creation / Youtube Drama/ social media stupidity…..and so on. You really don’t need to wreck your brain to follow the ramblings….if you have a slight interest in the general topics and like Elis presentation you are ready to go and for 5 bucks you plenty of bang 🙂

    With the Eli site, you need to be interested in factual COMPTIA knowledge and be happy to shell out 10 dollar a month for it…..would say the pool of people for this is far smaller.

    Just me 2 cents

  3. To expand further on what Bobby pointed out, you’ve been advertising and promoting FailedNormal longer than Eli the Computer Guy. Currently, you are focused on updating the basic CompTIA material and for the kind of work I’ve been doing lately, I would be seeking material related to Windows Server 2012 or 2016.

    Give Eli The Computer Guy more time to establish itself. You made an interesting point regarding the paywall and people just waiting for videos to release on YouTube. I still like this approach for your basic material like A+, Network+ etc. Once you start touching on vendor-specific courses like Microsoft, RedHat, or Cisco you may start to see a noticeable rise in subscriptions.

    Another thought here would be to consider classes on some of the more popular cloud-based platforms out there, I can see that potentially catching attention as well.

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