1. Why I can’t use an iMac for my daily work:

    * The bezels are too big
    * The color is gross and distracting
    * Uses an old form factor
    * I’m too cool to use RGB

    These are clearly important and required factors if you hope to get any kind of work done. Any PC that lacks these features is clearly not a PC at all and would be impossible to achieve real work on.

    ….do these tech channels actually listen to themselves?

    I’m waiting till I’ve got the basics down, but sometime either late 2018 or early next year I’m going to be focusing my learning efforts on things like AWS, Azure, and anything else that’s related to cloud technology. It’s clearly the future, and I see no shortage of security testing and auditing needs for companies who need to keep their infrastructure secure. The same goes for web apps, mobile apps, and anything IoT related. Meltdown and Spectre just drew the first blood for the embedded systems vulnerability hunt.

  2. As a tech in software support for a company that creates medical software among other things. When I have to remote in to our clients I get to see so many types of network setups.

    The most common problems are printers not working, interfaces to our software is down, etc. Now we are moving away from a standalone installer to converting all our products to web based versions.

    Making everything web is one of the things that everyone is doing. Web based programs appears to be the furture

  3. Just a remark: as 99% of all humans are users of technology and not makers or professionals,
    they focus on things like colour and shape of the products (preferably also on usability).
    So it seems normal to me that real tech videos only get a small percentage of views.

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