1. I think the concept of ‘normal’ and how you’re supposed to go through life to be successful is why you and SP have impacted me so much on a professional and personal growth level. The books I’ve been recommended to read also point out similar things, The Millionaire Fastlane is one that shattered my perception of what normal financial success is. MJ DeMarco states the same thing regarding the typical system you’re supposed to follow and how it sets you up for failure.

    The ‘normal’ methods of applying for a job and trying to get hired somewhere were also shattered by SP after going through both his books. What I like about your reference to ducks is it brings me back to the words of Eckhart Tolle and learning how to be present by observing nature and the animals around us. Nature and wildlife are great reminders of what being in the present moment actually means.

  2. Huh, I never gave it much thought, but I always imagined ‘Failed Normal’ meant failure is normal (‘Failed? Normal’), rather than failing to be normal.

    I make my bed every day, often while my wife is still in it.

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