1. You are not alone Eli.Not a content creator but have been off grid {FB,Twitter,never even tried Snapchat} for over 3 years and I am happier a lot.I still get every Info I need.

  2. It has begun to irritate me too, I have a friend who is a delightful person, but she spends all her free time being ‘click-baited’ on youtube as you describe, watching video after video of divisive political content and reading online comments, and it gets to the point where you don’t want to have a conversation with this (very pleasant) person, because you know they’re going to be frothing over with righteous indignation and want to rant at you about it, and expect you to join in with their endless indignation too. It reminds me of what they call ‘porn addiction’, where guys just watch endless hours of it, and can’t stop (watching), and it begins to dominate their lives.

    I avoid facebook entirely, and only use twitter and youtube if it’s useful for work.

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