1. When taking a look at my PayPal account it seems like recurring payments for elithecomputerguy.com didn’t automatically end after the refund. So maybe this is something to keep in mind, since otherwise the automated monthly payment will still continue for a lot of people when not manually stopped.

  2. The reason people pay to watch your failed normal videos is because of your personality and your wisdom. You’re fun to listen to, and we actually learn allot at the same time.

      • Yes, I was thinking the same thing, I find your videos really useful and relatable to the things I deal with every day. And I think that 5 bucks is a more than reasonable amount for the content you produce. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Am surprised you went with EliTheComputerGuy anyway given your previous comments around selling training content, given the likes of Udemy, Pluralsite etc I would think incorporating something like GeekSexy into failednormal would be good and when/if it starts to get traction to maybe then think about spinning it off.

    I like failednormal as you have a good/interesting take on things that we all encounter working in the tech profession.

  4. Will you continue to show youtube no love Eli? For it was on this day February 14 2005 that youtube was founded. Love is in the youtube air. Happy Valentines day to everyone and happy birthday to youtube. May cupids arrow strike surely and swiftly. May all our hearts soften at the thought of true love. 😉

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