1. 5:00 “usually old people are grandfathered” Interesting! in 5 years of doing work in modern tech companies, I have never heard this concept before. I think one time I came across the phrase for some service I was getting that was going through changes and I felt so lucky that the change did not apply to me.

    “this isn’t some tech concept”. Well, if you have exclusively tech people running business who look down on human side of running a business then, like myself, they too would not have heard of the concept OR they bet that most content creators not versed in business concepts would not know about it, have the ability to properly back up their complaints with good arguments, thus any complainers will look like unprofessional whiners despite having valid points.

    More and more I want to study business practices on top of studying tech stuff. Wish that wouldn’t be so looked down on in the tech world.

    • I think people look down on it in the tech world out of possible envy.
      You increase your value tenfold by knowing and understanding business practices and how business decisions are made. This information is incredibly useful when you need to draft a proposal or some kind or if you need to make a pitch for a product that will improve productivity and/or save the company money.

      People who can’t convey these things in a simple straightforward manner will have a hard time getting upper management to pay attention to them or their ‘glorious’ ideas. As I grow more involved in cybersecurity I see the need for being able to understand how business processes fit into the mix. It can be difficult sell your ideas and to do your job properly without this missing piece.

      • There is definitely envy, well put. Heard so often, and used to say myself, “how can business people make decisions and extra money when they do not understand “. Only after listening to Eli for extended period of time I saw value in “understanding how business process fit into the mix” and really does help you do your job so much better. Yes, the “Glorious” ideas… lol

        Another one is escapism from human interaction. Eli on live stream was once asked “how to cope with being promoted to manager after being a coder for many years”. Eli interpreted it as being nervous about extra responsibility, while the question was really about discomfort of not being able to hide from people behind text editors or server racks. Many people, including myself in the past, choose technology because they hate and do not understand human interaction. Business concepts fall into that category. It feels like something gross you don’t want to touch, so we barricade ourselves with server racks (before IT went away) and now behind coding text editors.

        At my school, comments in computer science department about courses in humanities are vile, regularly humiliating them. Not really because of jealousy, they just find the human interaction discussions stupid in comparison to knowing a search algorithm.

        Unfortunately, Google is made entirely of such people. More unfortunately, some do not even know they have this problem. They think everyone is the same. I had coworker who was so proud of making a form to accept issue requests for medical software. “Look! they now do not have to go through the trouble of talking to a person, they can just fill out this form!”. It was not very well met, but they feel they are doing the world a service by separating this gross humany-feely thing through forms, automated services, everything Eli is complaining about, and get upset when these “benefits” are not accepted, have a conflict not understanding how could this “saving the world from emotions” feature be rejected. “need to draft a proposal of some kind or if you need to make a pitch” is a fault in human process that needs fixing.

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