1. I can understand the liberation you must feel disabling comments on one of your channels. You’re not kidding about the toxic environments that have spawned in several aspects of social media. It was initially why I was hesitant to even put myself out there in the first place. Still working through that but staying focused on what matters most to me right now and its definitely bringing me plenty of happiness. The joys of popping shells!

  2. Well, with my 5 videos on YouTube, I don’t have readers and comments. The life is easy -)), yet another question If comments are valuable for content creator, maybe that depends. For example, on Udemy comments usually are very valuable. The questions about the study topic could add a lot to understanding, and by the way, all that questions goes as comments. So different kinds of comments exist, it could be good comments and bad comments. The main question is how to leave good comments and eliminate the bad ones?

    If it is difficult to see a lot of good comments that does not mean that good comments are not exist, and it is definitely possible to build communication that way that most comments will be good.

    About help where you live – good idea, I wish more people will adopt the attitude.

  3. I view the comment section on failed normal like the community that naturally forms at a gym. We come from all walks of life and are happy to see when a familiar avatar and username comes back to post on a video or in the forum.

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