1. “Are they heavy?”
    “Then they’re expensive put’em pack.”
    –Jurassic Park

    Love the photo of your chihuahua you selected for this video. This reminded me I have a blog I’ve been neglecting and I haven’t had a chance to make any videos myself lately. #tryingharder

  2. I know a few people who make good money on Udemy. It may not be a salary but for the time invested it gives a really good return.

    I know of people who sell their courses on Udemy and (unofficially) release the courses in lover video an audio quality on BiTorrent. The “pirated” courses serve as advertisement and make the material available to people who for some reason can’t pay.

    If you finish your A+ track and upload it to Udemy I would be happy buying access to it. Even after Udemy takes their cut that would be more then $5 per impression.
    A bonus of Udemy is that the people there are interested in professional development and are in the habit of paying for online educational material.

    I tend to avoid subscriptions when possible.

  3. To answer the topic question without listening to the content first:

    No, absolutely not!

    Every content creator starts small. Over time they’ll grow (maybe) but at least everyone that wants to create valuable content, deserves a chance to learn the skills, to make mistakes, to fall and stand up again and eventually, to become successful.

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. Barnacules has an interesting video on this topic. When I first heard the tube mention “bad actors” I got angry. Only seeing things from the POV of the content creator being censored by the evil-tube . But after seeing Barnacules video, I came to realize that the amount of immoral uploaders must be huge. What I mean by immoral? People who don’t even try to create anything to get by, they simply and outright copy and paste content from real creators to make ends meet simply because it is easier to copy than it is to create.

  5. And yeah, we all copy everything, but if one doesn’t even try to put his own effort and thinking into a video, or any creation, well, that is simply a crime (against humanity.)

    • Later he told me, “your resume history was impressive, but so atypical, it did not feel right so at first I discarded it. Then I saw your videos and realized you really do understand the subject”. Have been working with that client for 5 years now!

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