1. I didn’t fully grasp the value and power of servers and what it takes to turn them until I actually started playing with them. Now that I’m trying to break them. I’ve found myself in a position where I’m looking at requirements for specing out a vSphere server to set up a vulnerable lab. I always knew you don’t need a lot of resources to run these things but it’s amazing how many servers you can spin up with just resources that are now common on older hardware from a few years ago.

      • Not too sure about vSphere server since that’s a long way off. However, I may be open to doing a video on how to set up a vulnerable VM lab provided of course your hosting system has the resources to sustain it.

        I’ll have to give it more thought but I’ll make a post on the forums if I decide to do it. I like the idea overall cause I’ve been brainstorming blog and vlog topics recently.

  2. Content creators in technical area use different business models. I liked the one of John Purcell, he have his site – that contain free and paid content, place his video on YouTube and have the same videos on Udemy.

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