1. “I’m a Windows user and I hate Apple”

    *Closes review video*

    No point in watching a review where the reviewer sets the stage by openly announcing to the audience they already hate Apple. No real value could come of it once the opening lines scream “incoming Apple rant!”

    I’ll watch an Apple rant video if I want to see one. Good reviews that at least attempt to be unbiased can be hard to find these days. I came very close to buying a Mac last year but decided against it since I’m not actively developing or working on projects that are exclusive to Apple. I’ve been able to setup a decent development environment in Linux and OBS studio does a decent job for video. Most of the times I’ll end up using SimpleScreenRecorder and guvcview.

    • Honestly I’d probably be on Linux now if it wasn’t for my workflow. The time to jump ship for Linux is close. It works well, hardware compatibility is good, and so much productivity software is either web based apps, or things like word processing that have good enough open source alternatives.

  2. Is there a way to implement some sort of playlist option for these vimeo videos, kind of like what Youtube offers? Sometimes I just want to watch a bunch of these videos continuously without having to go from post to post. Maybe make it a perk for the paying members.

  3. Sometimes the most annoying aspect of Linux can be getting that perfect workflow setup just the way you want it. I use Gentoo, which is a hobbyist distro so I accepted some of those challenges more than most people would undertake all at once. OpenSuSE stood out to me as a possible option for you since they’re RPM based packages making 3rd-party package support/installation easier. The package management system is terrific for resolving dependencies, staying out of your way, and they offer both a ‘bleeding edge’ and a long-term stable release version of the distro depending on what you prefer.

    The Linux desktop has come a long way in the last ten years, and most of the open source alternative applications out there match the most common needs of their target user base. I’ve found ways to work around the most common pain points people have with Linux and having VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox setup with a Windows 10 image when you need it works out nice in a pinch.

    For printing purposes, although I rarely have a need, I’ve found HP and Brother tend to be the best-supported brands. Probably worth spending some time with it in a VM to get familiar with before throwing it on physical hardware to determine what kind of base setup will at least get you up and running for your workflow needs.

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