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  1. All Logan Paul can do is say that he is sorry about what he did at this point. Regardless of how he does that. He was a pretty funny Viner. I get his stuff on Vine, it is pretty humorous. Vine was a perfectly fine platform for comedy. It may show the simple fact that change is not always a good thing. You can definitely get into more trouble on youtube than what he was doing on Vine. He probably wouldn’t have even posted that on Vine. It was bad taste, but at least it seems like he has tried to fix his mistake by donating money to the issue, educating himself, and doing a conciliatory video on the subject. The internet is a difficult thing to deal with because it is like pulling the trigger on a gun. It carries that level of finality. No matter what happens you can’t rewind what you did. I guess the main problem is that with the internet people can become famous well before they are ready to take on the responsibilities of that fame. The fast track to fame does not allow people to learn the skill of press consciousness. Still he is like a lot of famous people who have quirky and controversial political views.

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