1. I support ribs and kale. This is my kale since it’s unique but healthy for my growing mindset and it’s definitely more affordable than ribs.

    I will definitely buy the ribs, once you’re offering some Microsoft Server flavors.

  2. I guess there are different angles….

    If I have to pay to buy a product, it is do I want the product or not…
    If I support a product by crowdfunding I make a decision if I consume the product for free and spent possibly my money on something else or if I like the product that much that I don’t want it to disappear…

    Regarding crowdfunding working well for certain people, maybe a demographics things, could be to be “Cool” with your peers you should join the “crowdfunding club” for certain offers.

    With me over 50, I would not spent money to feel “cool”, I spent money if I think the offer is worth it…


  3. I posted this in the YT comment stream too, but I post it here as well because it’s lost in the crowd on YT.

    Ask yourself these questions:
    “What is the average age of the people that will sign up for the A+ classes and what is the average budget that they can/want to spend to participate?

    Imagine for a moment that you’ll organize introduction classes for candidate BSc or MSc in CSE. What will be the average age of these students that’ll sign up? What amount of money are they willing to spend to participate in these classes?

    It certainly is a higher level of education which attracts another level of students which maybe requires more in-depth knowledge of specific tech areas from you.

    I think that this is the area where you’ll find your public that makes teaching interesting for you, but it’ll also attract people that are willing to pay well for it and do have the money for it.

    Personally, I’m not shy to spend money on (online) education and I’m pretty sure that other tech professionals aren’t either.
    Last year, I paid £3,500 for 20 training units in order to become Red Hat Linux Enterprise certified. In average, I calculate a yearly budget of £4500 every year for (self-) education.

    What I want to say is that in general, tech professionals aren’t shy at all to spend a decent amount of money for their knowledge. It’s what they want, it’s what they need!

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