1. I’ve actually reached a point where I cringe a little whenever someone asks me for my opinion/thoughts on cryptocurrency. I’ve done my own research, I view it as a nice shiny thing that can prospectively make money but at great risk.

    I don’t see the need to switch my focus nor would I want to invest the time in constant monitoring of the crypto market. I only have so many hours in a day, getting older has forced me to really evaluate how I spend my free time.

    There is some great value you mention with having the base knowledge available on Eli the Computer Guy. People often don’t know how to figure out what the right learning path is that will take them to a level of knowledge necessary to either learn a technology of interest or actually start building something. You can create prerequisite learning plans for some of your more advanced classes once you make them. Linux Academy did an awesome job at mapping this out whenever someone clicks on a training like AWS or DevOps.

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