Restarting as a Skill

People focus to much on trying to study 15 hours a day, but do a bad job at simply restarting their training when they have to temporarily stop.


  1. Loved this video. A lot of what you mentioned rings with me because of both past and even some present. I can relate to falling off the fitness horse after getting sick since I can point back to it being where I gained all my weight back each time over the last few years.

    I do 3-day splits (although 2 day splits recently) all the time. Nothing wrong with a little rest day to let the CNS recover after a good lift. I actually don’t do any cardio but try to squeeze in an hour of walking or some kind of activity on my rest days.

    Easing back into a routine is probably the best way to describe it. A lot of it is a mental game, you can save yourself some trouble if you set realistic expectations in advance. I’ve found that mindset is key in ‘getting back on the horse’.

  2. This is one of the most important lessons ever. Consistency may be the most important element of success. For example, studying web design 2-3 hours a day for a whole year is way better than studying 8 hours a day and giving up a week later due to burnout.

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