1. Glad you’re feeling better Eli, finally got to catch up on all your new content now that the weekend hit. Easy come easy go as they say. Hope our FailedNormal veteran sticks around, I’ve been meaning to make a new forum post about what I’ve been up to just haven’t had the time yet.

  2. I fully agree there is no point to try to make everybody happy.

    There is also the risk of damaging your reputation. For example if you are very good in the area A, and a customer wants a service in area B, and you can only provide an average service at best there, when in the hyper connected world people could think that your company is providing an average service also in area A. Far better to refer the customer to a company that provides very good service in area B, and the customer will remember you as providing good advice and will like come back to you when they have a problem in area A where you are good in .


  3. I’m aware of how far id go , it does happen that we’ve said no or wouldn’t move forward with a customer. important point to note. the customer knew exactly at what lengths I we would go with them . they knew we would stop at whatever point we made clear . id say most people are not mind readers and haven’t a clue what theyre lets say investment firm is doing for them or what the hell or how far they should go with it if n when their investment firm does Not communicate to them what they are capable of and or what they ought not to or ought to do . Another note to point out, is seeing as there is a great amount of validity and trust with that persons investment firm , I am sure that if above had occurred in whatever form and it was understood by the person I haven’t a doubt the person would take the investments plans advice into account and let them the professionals make the decisions .

  4. Maybe, just maybe, it’s possible to live stream “Cult Of The Grind” and make it interactive with Internet Relay Chat? Of course, it’s possible! The only bottleneck is bandwidth and a trustable connection to your video stream- & chat server. It’s not a bad idea, right?

  5. I recall Victor Antonio’s saying,

    If he doesn’t want what you’re offering, then he’s not a client for you.

    Or something among those lines, Ann had a point there, International community is left with just so few room for participation available, that makes you ponder, but finally it depends on what you are looking from it, to be honest for me it’s difficult to try to invest time here when there are so many other things to do in the day.
    I would love more participation in the forum (since international people would be relegated to it) but if that participation is pushed, then what quality will it be?, and I ask myself, would it be worth to interact?

    So, from an international point of view, I believe that I had to wait and see how it evolves, and maybe even then just keep seeing xD

    Take care.

  6. I understand all comments , more then reasonable each of them. I just don’t have enough info to comment further. In a general matter a person offering whatever it is to another, with much patience an value even more so , it would be entirely idiotic for any one not to accept value into their lives .id say either that person doesn’t understand the value and/or whatever is actually being offered. Or is a complete donkey, in which case nothing loss anyhow. Myself , eh I’m a forgiving man, I attempt to come from a place of compassion n understanding for anyone in almost any situation. A person at times does not understand the actual value in life until it is no longer there. And a intelligent person I have seen /bare witness to even lived , when presented with an opportunity to gain back the value he so ignorantly/selfishly/took for granted, Grabs er by the horns and rides er for all its value it ever was , whilst multiplying the value while at it. But then again who knows, there are so many sheep donkeys out there in the world

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