1. Basically, you’ll stop with live streams on YT, so no Q&A anymore and 100% advertising for:

    – Cult Of The Grind which is for the most part for Baltimore area.
    – Failednormal.com which is for US and international users and, to be honest, isn’t really satisfying (at least for me).

    I’m a bit disappointed, to be honest.

    Anyway, wish you all the best!


  2. I was wondering how long it would take you to get tired of answering almost the exact same questions over and over again. These Failed Normal videos is where it’s at!

    • Obviously, you didn’t get tired of listening to the “exact same questions over and over again”. Other else, how can you possibly know?
      Me neither, by the way, but nevertheless there was an ability to give some serious pushback (of course with decent arguments). Now, it’s all done & over. There’s no interaction whatsoever, which makes that the whole concept is one like there are twelve in a dozen. At least from my point of view.

      See it this way:

      Now Eli’s YT live streams are done; as a non-American, what’s left?
      – YT uploads: To watch 15 minutes of advertising?
      – In-person coaching: Besides the fact that I don’t need in-person coaching, it’s not for non-Americans.
      – Idem ditto with “Skype Coaching”
      – Idem ditto with “Meetup”
      – Idem ditto with “Cult Of The Grind”
      – The open forum: Because Eli was sick, I really tried the past days to have at least some “movement” going on at failednormal.com/open-forum/
      I have no view on the stats at all, but I have reasons to believe that the open forum is dead. Actually, it wasn’t even alive.

      So, what’s left??

        • Thank you for your understanding. Before I leave let me clarify a few things:

          It’s not that “the rest” is not of my interest, but it’s simply impossible to participate.

          Yes, the FN vids come out every day which is a good thing. I exaggerated a bit by saying that “they aren’t really satisfying for me”. Of course, most of them are and I’ll keep watching them once in a while until you change your free model.

          I became a supporter of you because of your YT vids, 3 or 4 years ago and you really helped me to make decisions that changed my career in a good way, specifically the vids from FN v1.0 where you talk about “Freedom of speech, Dealing with depression and many of those”.

          When you started the live streams there was the possibility of interaction (more or less). For me, that was a BIG+. That’s why I became a paid member of FN, too support you in keep on with doing what you were doing.

          That said, to end with a positive tone: Thank you for everything! I wish you all you need to achieve your goals. Maybe our roads will cross someday, who knows? Anything that can happen has a probability of happening and would have a state in that superposition (see my FN forum topic of “Quantum Computing”), Lol!

          All the best!


  3. @Ann C well regarding the open forum, I don’t expect we should expect it to be full of life at start, it’s something that should gradually grow.

    Personnaly I have enjoyed most of your post on the forum, but I admit I did not give you any follow up … :/

  4. I actually like the video. The concept of time management is pretty valuable and often overlooked in the tech field. I’m still learning how to come to grips with it myself but I’ve been quite busy with a new training I’ve started.

    I also enjoyed your forum posts as well Ann, I’ve just been swamped at work all week and really haven’t spent any time on FailedNormal or YouTube during the workday. Coming back to time management, my RescueTime reports revealed I was wasting a lot of time on the 2 hour live streams (I’m going to miss those btw but I totally understand why you’re stopping them).

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