1. I really liked this video. I’ve had a busy week so didn’t get to enjoy the content as you pushed it out each day. As someone who worked in the helpdesk for almost 4 years, I can honestly say if you work hard and haven’t been promoted yet look for another job. Helpdesk jobs are entry level and really aren’t meant to be held for more than 2 years, maybe 3 at most. Any longer than that and prospective employers looking at your resume may view that with a more critical/negative eye and wonder why you remained in the position for so long.

    Get an A+ or Network+ if they’ll pay for it, consider investing in at least 1 other cert in an area you’re interested in jumping to and start putting in applications. I was going after my degree while working full time so it worked out well for me but I see some people who just never do anything or never raise the bar when it comes to their job.

    I know personal debt can be one of the main reasons people fear leaving their jobs but that’s another issue entirely that you can probably devote a whole video to. Thanks to simple programmer though I take a much different view on how to handle that kind of situation.

  2. I literally watched this AFTER I had put my 2 weeks in for the exact reasons Eli spoke of. Found this post extremely on point and would stress the empowerment bullet point. It felt amazing knowing I had control over my situation and doing something about it versus being a victim and feeling like you cannot leave. To often we do forget there is a “door” and can walk out anytime. Thank you Eli wonderful post.

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