1. I don’t have either (physical or social courage), but your point is an interesting one, my wife never understands my fear of homelessness – that no matter how well I’m doing or the situation, it’s always there, and sometimes it’s like the genuine panic you describe. It is a motivator though, I do wonder how some people can toss themselves into the wind (sitting on the couch every day eating nachos and playing computer games), and just assume that the universe is going to catch them.

  2. Around the 25:00 mark – this is exactly what I am doing with my current employment situation. Putting “lines in the water” to see if I get any bites so I have a Plan B, C, and D. Plus, if I get some resumes out there and get a few offers, I’ll have a better idea of what I am worth on the open market. I could either be overvaluing, or undervaluing, my skills/knowledge/experience.

  3. I agree! like everybody I guess, I also have issues. One of them actually is a social issue and to be specific, talking with people.

    Another issue that I have is “dyslexia”. It happens that I misread and/or miswrite small details in a sentence that can lead to miss interpretation of the whole text.

    I blame my school- “mates” in high school for both of these issues. Because I’m ginger, I got bullied for it a lot, every day and it kept escalating.

    You’re hitting the nail on the head, that in such a situation it’s very easy to lock yourself out of the outside world, which was exactly what I did. Because I felt very lonely, I compensated that feeling with studying, which benefitted me in high school and University, but still…

    Yes, today those fears have an impact on my life. A good thing about being an adult is that you take things for granted and heck, why should I bother about my hear color? As kind of protest, I’m coloring it bright red since the age of 17, so that even Satan notices my presence when I enter a room or even an auditorium.

    P.S.: The picture of that statue really is freaking scary! Take a look at this one. If you see the difference, you probably need a psychiatrist 🙂


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