1. “Overextending” happens in people’s personal life as well.

    People load themselves up so much between work, volunteering, kids, etc that their overall output suffers.

    I’ve known lots of people that have overworked and overcommitted to so much that their body FAILS and now they are screwed with health issues or things like divorce!

  2. ELI! Thank you! I have to admit that I haven’t really logged in couple of months as we have a newborn son and I simply did not have time for reading. But even without this I really don’t have too much time to read and I used to consume your content by listening to you during driving/breaks/work. This is going to sound strange but I really missed your voice. Don’t get me wrong, I value your content, and it’s written form is fine, but add that voice/emotions and it just makes it so much better. Just wanted to let you know that I think there are more like me who when they have time read a book instead of a post and listen to you while doing something else. And you have just made us happier!

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