Unexpected Metric Correlation

Metrics do not always correlate the way that you would think that they would.  As my YouTube channel bleeds subscribers the view count, and revenue has increased.

Correction: Revenue has actually increased by 24%.


  1. My 2 cents here:

    if the views go up with less people viewing that means simply, that some people view more often.

    So I would say the daily mukbangs are a success,less preparation time, just sitting there and BS around, and see the revenue increasing….. and promoting Failed Normal to top it off….

    Happy days…


  2. Really enjoyed this video since metrics and statistics are almost a daily part of my job in vulnerability management. You drive the points home pretty well regarding knowing exactly what numbers to focusing on and how it correlates with other numbers.

    In my case, it’s choosing useful numbers that can show a measurable downward trend in risk, critical, and severe vulnerabilities. I’ve also learned along the way that over time, your priorities may shift and new metrics may be needed, or metrics that were previously not useful suddenly become useful. Either way, it’s easy to waste a lot of time getting nothing done because the metrics we’ve chosen don’t move us towards the main goal or vision.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Its really true you can’t execute a plan on Wednesday that was created on Monday despite whatever happened on Tuesday, and expect success. The numbers don’t lie.

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