Self Aggrandizing

Self aggrandizing is a way many people try to make themselves look impressive, but it generally does not work out how people imagine it will.


  1. I’ve witnessed people use self aggrandizing with varying degrees of success. There was one who left a trail of fire and burned every bridge like Eli described. A second case was a toxic manager who scapegoated his team for issues. The toxic manager got a lot of praise publicly when things succeeded along with some promotions, but not nearly at the same rate of those managers who took responsibility to build up a team.

    There’s definitely better ways to spend social capital than self aggrandizing.

  2. You must have worked with a few Unix guys, Eli. It’s almost funny when you realize that the aggrandizing pros don’t know the difference between a subnet and a submarine sandwich. It may not work in the long-term but big enough environments can offer that toxic stew where it does work well enough to axe great engineers and people from gigs.

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