1. People were paying you $25-50 per Skype session, so they would likely be willing to pay the at least same amount for actual in-person meetings, I would figure. Possibly even more.

  2. Interesting topic.
    My personal solution is a) buy items at a level I can easily afford to lose them, and b) if I lose them to see this as an opportunity to buy a different one…..

    live is always risky, every single moment…..so if you like to do something just do it, you never know how things turn out anyway….mostly in life you regret what you missed to do and not what you did and then possibly went wrong 🙂

  3. We are in digital golden cages. All these items also provide a quick jolt of emotional fulfillment that quiets the need for community and friendships. Growing up I saw people in my life who enjoyed the company of TV over humans. With the natural anxiety that comes with meeting new people, I wonder if people are trying to justify that feeling by creating straw men out of the 99% of potential friends.

    That being said, when my father was starting his law firm he ran it out of our home. Considering his clients, it was not the wisest idea. One decided to later rob our place and threatened him not to call the cops “or else.” Afterwards, my dad got a small office to keep his professional and family worlds separate.

  4. I agree with LewisJPaul.

    I would keep home and work separate as far as “real” interactions are concerned. Professionally (and sometimes in personal relationships as well), no one needs to know exactly where I live and what my front door looks like.

    I try hard to keep those worlds from crossing. I don’t “friend” my coworkers on Facebook, and they don’t come over.

    That being said, I’m also not usually trying to provide a service either.

  5. When I was a kid my piano tutor put her ad up in the local paper and a sign out the front of her house. Students would come through and enter her house and we’d get tea and biscuits and a music lesson.

    The point is : maybe it would feel less weird for you to invite people to your house if you did some local advertising as a business consultant as well as your internet advertising (if you’re not already).

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