“Flexing” on Social Media

It is becoming more common to show off material possessions on social media.  Whether or not this is a good idea for you depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


  1. Eli Eli in light of many a reply on you tube, please go back to talking about hubs ,serial nice and or wireless B networking and or parell printing bubble jet.
    If you do not comply to our demands we will have to revoke the privlage of magical friendship.

    Lol yeah youtube is old news I agree.
    Keep ranting and I’ll keep paying my $5

  2. As an aspiring penetration tester, I’ve come to realize the warnings that were previously heeded when the concept of Facebook and social networking started to become a thing. The amount of information that people freely put out there for the world to see can often paint a deceiving and not so realistic representation of who we are. We live in a society where people judge, even though we are raised on why judging others is wrong and we should be accepting of others.

    It took me a couple years and a few complaints in comments before I came to realize just how obnoxious and off-putting social media posts can be when it’s TOO much transparency. Over the years and generations, people have become masterful artists at finding just about anything to take offense to. Now as I get older I start to realize the impact social media can have on people’s careers, including how some even fell victim to social engineering and spear phishing thanks to their transparent online personality.

    Watching the Snowden documentary opened my eyes just how much Silicon Valley has gotten cozy with government and intelligence agencies. You learn there isn’t a whole lot of privacy or any kind of legal terms that prevent them from sharing your information with others. Even if it is stated, people often don’t read the Terms of Service and blindly accept. This is frightening because people often aren’t thinking a few years ahead and how their existing posts might be impacting a judgement evaluation of who they are.

  3. What you said about flexing near the end of the video reminded me of something Epictetus said about not taking pride in “excellence that is not your own”.

    For example: “I have an awesome sports car”
    The awesomeness belongs to the sports car, not you.

    Your excellence is what you’ve done, as well as what you’ve learned.

    Thanks for the content.

  4. Paid 5usd and cancelled immidiately the subscription because wanted to just try out the thing and not just forget it autocharging my bank acc for a number of years while not using it. It seems I can’t see the vids for the rest of the month but lost the privileges immidiately. Paid 5usd for absolute nothing damn.

    • You folks are killing me… It literally says on the cancellation page “Please note that when you cancel your account you lose access to the videos immediately.”

      I set you account to have access for the next month.

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