1. Seems I am the first to comment her πŸ™‚

    Just watched the video and a couple of points I want to share:

    1) I really like you on video, your presonality was the main reason I signed up here and makes it worth for me to pay the monthly subscription. I normally don’t watch TV, but your presentation and your topics are quite entertaining for me. So I am quite happy that you will do more videos here.

    2) In relation to new videos each day, I think that could create quite a workload, what do you think about a weekly video released on a Sunday ? I had another website where the guy was posting every Sunday about his topic,it became a kind of Sunday ritual for me to look forward to his weekly musings….

    3) scaling Failed Normal…..

    If you see it as a business I think it would be a wise idea not to have everything based on only your person…. a possible solution could be to open Failed Normal to other people maybe artist or whatever to provide interesting content and promote their own stuff… you mentioned you have to pay 200 $ for a post…..if people would pass on interesting content for free in exchange of being exposed to Failed Normal members to promote their own stuff, that could reduce your workload and maybe if you get regular” guests ” could move you over time more into the background….

    OK, I don’t to talk too much so I leave it at that….

    Looking forward to your next video..


  2. Hey Eli ! just join here to fail normal. i waiting so mach for videos here. i always was a video person and unlikely handle with texts post. and i know there is more people like me ! please continue !

  3. I think this is the way to go: your own youtube-like platform, subscription-based. πŸ™‚
    And for the youtube mukbang livestream I think it would be more efficient if you make a text overlay with failednormal.com.

  4. I am part of this inverse self selection bias, too.
    And for me, as a consumer, this is valuable. I do not want to get reflected my own opinion by some content creators. This would only make my echo-chamber closer.
    I want to hear, what other people ha for opinions. And even, if I know, that Inwill think it is bullshit, I want to hear their reasons.
    So it would be a big loss, if all opinions would go behind paywalls. I do not know, if I would have enough money for that ….

  5. Thanks for returning to videos. Working in QA, a lot of my work involves manual tasks and its nice to have someone interesting to listen to while I type away. Also, you’re one of the few honest tech & business content providers out there so your advice means something.

      • When I was interviewing at start ups, one point I fished for was their culture in regards to work life balance. Not surprising most made a point that they embraced the grind and “love” working long hours. At that point I’d share stories about how I was used to high tempo work environments. The stories provided examples that were more powerful than just saying I’m cool with long hours.

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