elistair Safe-T: Power Tether for Off the Shelf Drones

Drones are becoming more useful for many everyday tasks, but a major problem is battery life.  With some DJI drones you can get up to 30 minutes of use, but after that you have to land the drone and swap batteries if you want to continue flying the drone.  In situations where you simply need the drones ability to hover in the air, but not perform fancy maneuvers, being able to tether to a power station on the ground allows for almost unlimited flight.  There are a number of vendor specific tethering solutions available, but these require that you buy both the power station and drone from the same manufacturer.  Elistair has come up with a power tether solution that you can use on off the shelf drones.

The Elistair Safe-T allows you to connect to the power grid, or generator to power the drone.  It has a built in UPS so if the power fails the drone will not fall from the sky.  The tether is controlled by a smart wench to unspool and spool the tether as the drone rises and lowers. The tether is woven with kevlar to ensure it will not tear or break drug use.  Best of all the adapter for the tether simply fits into the drones battery compartment.

You are able to pull the battery out, slot the adapter in, and start flying with no soldering or jerry rigging your drone.  If you need more flexibility in flight you can simply pull out the adapter and plug the battery back in for non tethered flight.

This is a great option for aerial photography and videography, surveillance work, using the drone as a radio relay for communications, or any other gadget you can strap to your drone that needs elevation to be worthwhile.  Many people are excited to use drones to perform needed services rather than being simply 3 dimensional remote control toys.  Accessories like the Safe-T allows you to offer drone based services that you’re likely to find paying clients for.

Find out more: http://elistair.com/safe-t-tethered-drone-station/

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