Spee.ch Provides Video Sharing Without Permission


Holy crap my stock in LBRY might actually be worth something!!! Is basically the TL;DR of this post.

My advisor meetings with LBRY over the past number of months can basically be summed up as, “Cool tech, but where’s the product?”. Distributed, blockchain, storage protocol, blah, blah, blah… The tech is really fascinating, but the implementation hasn’t been something to pay attention to past basic screwing around. I do believe that spee.ch changes that dynamic.  This is a product that makes sense, is easy to use, and has a valid purpose.

Spee.ch allows you to upload images or video into LBRY from a basic web form, and then be able to display those videos or images through an embed code.  Upload using spee.ch and a few seconds later you can embed on the site of your choosing.  This could be great for everything from forums, to Reddit, to your own website.  You don’t need an account to either upload to, or view the content.

Once you’ve uploaded and the content has been processed you are shown a page with the embed codes and URLs you can use to share your work. For all of the people who want to share content without worrying about TOS violations this could be a  great tool.  It’s built on top of LBRY with the same blockchain technology that protects regular LBRY content.

This is a beta and I have seen a few issues.  Using Safari and trying to upload .mp4 videos failed due to the videos being greyed out in the selection box, but on Chrome it worked fine.  Load time for a video is definitely longer than if you’re using a service like YouTube and seems sporadic. Sometimes the video loads quickly, and others it’s much slower. Finally taxonomy still sucks.  If you lose the link to your image/ video I’m not sure how to find it again.  There’s a trending page with “trending” content, but it only shows around 50 pieces of content, and doesn’t allow you to see latest uploads or such.

If this can actually scale worth a darn, and they work on taxonomy and the ability to view a catalog of what’s been uploaded this could be a bit of a game changer.  Clientless… accountless… permissionless… video distribution!

Check it out at: Spee.ch



    • … I think this is more for the small stuff (Imgur type clone)… larger vids can be uploaded using LBRY’s desktop client… “distributed” doesn’t mean “infinite” so having a web app like this could invite a swamping of resources if folks started uploading hour long 4K videos by the dozen…

  1. I’m really looking forward to a more decentralized service network on the internet.

    Take github as an exampl: http://gitchain.org provides the same thing, but without
    central control. Every time Github is down, development comes to a thundering halt.
    This is not acceptable. Having Bitbucket and Github as major hosts there is a big
    risk here.

    I really like the idea of having my local server with MY software, MY
    pictures, MY videos on it, which are then shareable as with a normal internet service.

    In this way, if done correctly, Blockchain-based service will be disruptive
    to many now monopolistic services.

  2. What am I watching? Is this like YouTube’s cat videos?
    I don’t know why, but I like it.
    Wait was this supposed to be about Spee.ch?
    When I read the title I thought the puppies had taken over your camera.
    Right, Spee.ch seems pretty cool; I might use it on my IPS Community Suite.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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