1. Great insight on this, Eli. I bet your readers ( and I ) would love your insight on The Wall Street Journal article titled “Google-issuing-refunds-to-advertisers-over-fake-traffic-plans-new-safeguard.” This is in today’s WSJ. There’s a subscription required… but it’s a dollar for 2 months if you don’t have it now. I find there’s tons of business and tech stuff which wold provide plenty of ideas for your content at your interest and intellectual level.

  2. Hi Eli,

    I have silently following you on youtube, and at first when I only saw text blog post I was scared I would never hear your lovely voice again. Thanks for making those very informative video post.

    I wish you great success with your website.

  3. Most game content creators switched to Twitch last year.
    Most gamers are now connecting with Discord.

    These Vimeo videos are better than your old YouTube videos. ^_^
    The blog+vlog combination w/ the shorter length keeps it simple.

    • Have a Failed Normal discord channel could help create a sense of community between all of the members. Thought, I don’t even understand how discord makes money -_- and will they still be there for the years to come.

        • Miguel, Do you really think skins, emoticons and anykind of cosmetic stuff is enough to pay all their bills ? I really doubt it :/ They are currently living on money from investor, but one day the investor will be tired to wait for the money comeback.

          So yeah, I use discord right now but I expect it to just shutdown without warning one day, or to lose a LOT of functionnality like audio chat (which would probably be behind some paywall) etc…

          Future will tell us 😀

          • If you build it, nerds will come.
            If it’s good, people will pay for it.
            And if it’s great, people are willing to pay you more for it.
            You just gotta learn to charge for your time.

            A lot of people are cheap. But you gotta understand that technology is driven by business. Anything that we technology people can do to save time and money or make more money to a business is valuable. And business will happily pay us what we’re worth because in the long term business makes more money by cutting down costs and making more sales. These are things I’ve learned from my experience working and watching YouTube videos from Louis Rossmann, Linus and Eli.

            Just to give you an example, with little experience you can make a free website. If you want to make something better, you can use SquareSpace. But for people like myself who want to create something new without hitting a wall because of a limitation, WordPress and IPS Community Suite are currently the best web applications on the market.

            I happily subscribe to this blog because I love Eli’s content. He’s smart and business oriented. And his advice has made me money. Lots and lots of money. Don’t get me wrong. I love coding, but we code for money. And this first week of back to school has made me lots of connections. So I expect to make more money.

            I mean really that’s what it’s all about – to make enough money so that you don’t have to work until you’re 80, you have enough that you don’t starve having a roof over your head and food on the table, and enjoy life perhaps even travel. Live is too short. If all you do is work, you miss out on enjoying time with your family and community. So lets build stuff and get the money!

            The economy grows when people build stuff. If I can make money for selling a product or service, I now have money I can spend on things I enjoy and I can give back to my community. If I make money from what I’ve learned from Eli, I have no problem paying Eli. I had my doubts at first about why should I pay him $5/month, but I’m happy I made a wise investment in doing so. I mean just look at the content he has been publishing knowing that he has a community of supporters. Just because people like myself never commented on YouTube nor went to any meeting, it doesn’t mean that we weren’t watching. o.O

            A lot of people enjoy Discord because it offers a secure platform for gamers. We’re moving to a more privacy aware web thanks to the changes to the GDPR that will take effect in May 2018. Web Security is now cheaper than ever thanks to Sucuri which just got acquired by GoDaddy. Just follow the blogs like ThreatPost.com and SreadPrivacy.com; LinkedIn and Facebook are great social medias for keeping up with this kind of news.

            There are many ways of making money on the internet. But yes, skins, emoticons and cosmetics are one of them. Trust me, I’ve been a forums user for years. And there is nothing worse than not having an emoticon to express yourself. 😛

            So what’s going now? Well… a lot of people have found that Social Media Management is a great way to acquire and retain customers. Businesses are looking at things like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and Discord as platforms to connect with people. And it is cheap! There is no cheaper marketing than word of mouth. Get a couple of smart people to connect and you’ll be surprised of the things you can build.

      • … at this point a “community” feature isn’t in the cards… I suck at running communities, and it’s just not where I want to put my attention. Folks can comment/ reply to posts and if they have a Gravatar setup readers can start off site communication. I’m focusing on finding interesting ideas and presenting them on the site for now. Once we get to 3000 members and I have excess profit to play with I’ll look at things like a community when I’ll have the resources to be able to hand it off to someone.

        • Oh Eli, you make me laugh like some of my clients.

          You don’t have to run the community; you just gotta build it. Let the people who enjoy it run it for you. Some people are even willing to moderate it for free just for the Moderator or Community Helper title. Trust me, it looks good on LinkedIn as volunteer experience.

          I think the WordPress blog is fine for now. I don’t think we need a Forum. But a Discord group would be cool to have. Look into it. It’s free! B)

          I don’t know enough about Discord to be of any use now. But I’m in conversations with people who use it more than I do. It’s pretty cool how you can integrate things like Twitter into it. You might be able to connect it so that we get notified every time someone posts something new here. 😉

  4. So Eli, I paid for a subscription to your site, but I would like to know what I am getting for my payment. A lot of this stuff is not behind your paywall yet. How will I know when I am getting exclusive content?

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