Attitude Correction from Leaving YouTube

There will probably be a massive change in attitude for me in my videos. Viewers complain about how I used to be happy and nice, but have become mean and pessimistic over the years.  I feel the reason is that I was talking to different people when I was happy.


  1. Welcome back! It’s great to hear your voice. I have a challenge with my eyes and reading your posts is not the same as hearing and seeing you “live”. Following the text across the screen is harder… so thanks for the video.

    • I work with a lot of people that have visual disabilities. A lot of them have found programs like ZoomText, JAWS, NVDA and f.lux to be helpful. Do you use any programs that help with your eyes?

  2. I think its better this way, if you give things out for free no one will value your gift no matter how awesome it is, and worse yet they’ll expect more free shit, but if you set up an exchange it creates value for you and for your consumers. I’m here because I value your time, and energy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pay for it.

  3. As a passive youtube viewer, it’s something you notice with content creators – they start off enthusiastic and full of the joys of spring, and then the trolls appear. It’s annoying for the rest of us too, who just enjoy the content. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it, because some of the trolls are not just annoying, they’re scary.

    It seems to happen with all the tech guys I’ve seen; I can’t remember the guy’s name, but there is one chap who even posted a video about how he is literally – literally – pulling out his own hair due to the stress of youtube trolls, taunting him about his weight, etc. It’s horrible. Incidentally, my wife tells me that this is almost exclusively a male problem, she watches some of the female youtube content creators who talk about makeup and so on, and she is fascinated by how much more supportive and kind the female audience is.

  4. Great to see you make videos again. When I saw the blog posts I was worried there would be no more videos. The videos are so much more entertaining in my opinion.

    Many of us watched your videos on a cellphone, and the YouTube app has a setting which let us watch videos in low quality by default to save LTE data. With this new format we will be stuck watching your videos on Wifi only.
    Could it be possible to offer paying members these videos in streaming mp3 format? I usually listen to your videos while driving.


      • … I have an unlimited plan too, but there are issues such as coverage areas, and simply upload time. Just because I CAN upload a video, doesn’t mean it’s worth 24 hours to do it. Text is something I can do anywhere and literally upload anywhere.

    • … possibly in the future… right now I don’t want to get into feature creep… The site does what it needs to do, without any major glitches. I’ll focus on pumping out the first 100 pieces of content for the site, and then past that look at additional features.

  5. Hey Eli,

    Good to see you back at it, off YouTube is quite nice and on your own infrastructure which is the way it should be. Per the above comment from Anton, any thoughts on you building a mobile app for Failed Normal?

    Personally, I’m a desktop user and less of a mobile user but for most having a mobile solution might be ideal in this modern world.

    Ben Conner

    • Most likely “no” on the mobile app. You can access the site using a mobile browser, and the cost doesn’t make it seem worth it.

      To build a mobile app, really 2 for both OS’s, would cost tens of thousands of dollars and require expensive upkeep. When I get to 3K members it will be something to look at, but before then my time/ money is better spent on creating content.

  6. This is great! I really hope it works out!

    It would be nice to have a video explaining what route you’re really taking with Both with the content and the membership benefits.

    • … the one lesson I’ve learned over the past year is not to get too specific about things until they are basically set in stone… right now I’ll be uploading a few videos a week, and hopefully be posting written posts every day. Membership lets you see posts past the latest 20, and comment.

      There may be other benefits coming down the road, but I don’t want to get side tracked. It’s too easy to turn a media company into a merch company and all of a sudden be more worried about inventory than on publishing content.

      • Thanks for your response, that’s totally fair!

        At the moment there doesn’t seem to be some sort of chronologically ordered list of posts, which would be helpful.
        It looks like the posts on the homepage are just randomly picked at this time, which is fine, but it would be nice to have a list of all posts somewhere.

  7. $5 a month really isn’t a lot to ask for. The whiners on YouTube don’t know what it means to have a debate. The thought of acknowledging another person’s point of view or opinion is a foreign concept. Some people just seem to enjoy disagreeing and arguing with others which seems like such a waste of time and energy. Being excited about what you’re doing is important if you want to maintain the quality of what you’re attempting to deliver.

    Hope FailedNormal works out in the long run, happy to be here.

  8. Good luck Eli with this new venture. Looking forward to leaving all the Youtube craziness behind and getting back to tech talks. Do you subjects in mind that you’ll cover in your videos ?

    • … basically I’m going to talk about tech/ business and geek life without worrying about the algorithm screwing me. So I’ll start doing interviews again, and will start talking about tech further a field such as robotic parking garages and tech that goes beyond graphics cards…

  9. +1 Money is a beautiful thing.

    I’m going back to school to finish my Computer Science degree because even after working for years in the IT industry, that piece of paper is like wearing a suit – people respect you for it.

    I mean honestly mostly I care about what people can do, what they have built and what they’re into because that tells me what people can do for me; but as an IT Consultant I once met told me, a degree and certifications simply mean that you’re capable of finishing something and do something valuable with your life.

    And as a student I had concerns about money. ‘Cause students are poor you know. But as it turns out, I ended up connecting with a few people this first week of college, earning some money and I’m happy to pay for your connect because I’ve learned a lot from you.

    I look forward to continuing to learn from people like you who make it happen. And I this community you’ve built is pretty cool. It gives us a platform to connect with smart people that are making it happen every day in our industry without having to deal with comments of people who are just plain dumb.

    Let’s get that money. Coders and Content Developers gotta eat too. B)

  10. Your experiment as a content creator is also my experiment as a content consumer. I’ve decided to spend money for video content that I like. I don’t want to watch politics or popular topics. I’m trying to learn something interesting from people that seem interesting. I budgeted $20 per month and I started with $5 for your channel last year some time. I’m glad you quit youtube because I am interested in observing how the new freedom changes your perspective and your content. I hope more people do what you did. Maybe somebody will curate these things and we a new subscription platform will emerge without ads. I don’t mind seeing the ads, but I don’t like the effect of the fear of loss has on advertisers and creators.

  11. Not a real comment. I just subscribed to and I wanted to say “Hello” to everyone. So, here I am… Looking forward to digging into the content that I can find here.

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