THE END – End of the Story

The story is over, but the adventure continues… this has been an enjoyable experience, but it’s time to put Failed Normal to rest. Please email me if you need a refund and cancel your PayPal payments for the site.


  1. Had a good time with Failed Normal, thanks for that.

    Always a good idea to stop things when everything is still OK instead of waiting until things decline, makes for better memories….
    Daily Blob and the tech videos are still a decent amount of content for me


  2. I had a good time with Failed Normal as well.

    And even though the stories focus on your self and your life, the lessons learned apply to me as well even though we are on different paths.

    Stuff like “the thing of the name” is apparent everywhere I look and it is crazy how much can be solved by defining the meaning of the words used. I have been using this aspect in my day to day life since I heard it.

    Also having a store that stocks things so you can try them on in person to order online later is just something I can’t believe no one has done yet. It is literally the biggest issue with in person shopping.

    Or the story about the blue grass seeds coated so that you can see where they have been planted. And many many other things from your travels and days.

    Either way, Failed Normal taught me a lot of lessons and made me look at myself and my actions differently. Like you said about the multiple paths to Truth…at some point we have to choose which ones to follow and which ones to leave behind.

    Thank you for providing a different perspective in the madness of the world for 2019 and beyond.

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