J/K, I think these changes you’re talking are all positive (didn’t watch the video you’re talking about bc had a hard time seeing how it could relate to my business, but obv I could be wrong there)…

  2. Hey Eli, Glad you had a good trip!

    I think your moving in the right direction with more focused videos. There has been a rising “amorphous feel” to several of your latest videos before you left.

    For what its worth I’ve been following your content for several years now (YouTube) and I really respect a lot of your content. I started following your stuff because of your honesty and the straight forwardness of your educational videos. Then I stumbled across “the thing of the name” and became interested in your story/struggle because I could relate to some of it. The reason I’m sticking with you is because in one of your videos you were discussing an overview of your educational videos and how you want to construct a pathway for people to have a deeper understanding of network systems/IOT stuff. That’s a ride I’m willing to pay for. (Mainly because you know what your doing)

    Anyway I was thinking about canceling my FN account. Not because you went on vacation, but because I wasn’t sure what I was really getting out of it. But then I watched this and I’m going to stick around and see where you take it. Looking forward to your next Linux video!

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