1. I am a PHP a developer and I agree with your idea that technology is really simple when you break it down into small pieces. I think the issue with understanding technology is figuring out what the small pieces are and what they are supposed to do. A website is a bunch of files that contain logic.

  2. appears that Trump is following your advice to use Baltimore as an example of the Democrats way of doing things….
    maybe see you soon the White House as advisor


  3. On the flipside of the coin in regards to Lego pieces turning into a starship…

    Sometimes when selling things/ideas, it is VERY important to understand that some people are only buying the end product. They could care less if it is an Azure back-end or AWS or what have you as long as it does what it says on the box.

    Not saying to cut corners but sell the end idea and not the specific Lego pieces because most people don’t care or understand.

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