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  1. In thinking about idea about the actors and actresses voting on movies, I recalled something else that you have mentioned in a lot of your videos.

    In this crazy time in society, it could easily be a detriment to an actor/actress to vote for/against ANY movie for fear of alienating SOME group or another.

    “Oh of course Will Smith choose the ALL WHITE/BLACK movie, etc etc etc” – Some fanatic or another

    Being famous and voicing your opinion on any socially nuanced topic is a quick way to ruin your life, from what I gathered from previous examples during the last 4-5 years.


    As for giving Awards to people (aka drawing a target around a person to make a bullseye), people will feel cheated because this “brand new Movie award” was given because they are not “good enough” for the ORIGINAL Oscar awards. As a member of the black community, it surprised me to find out that there are people who believe stuff like this.

    Something to keep in mind behind the thought process of people.

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