1. OK, I’m from Europe……

    My humble opinion is that you don’t know the future…so I have no idea what could be an issue in 20 years…. all just speculations…
    My personal approach is to do what I think is right and what I enjoy doing and if that causes me problems later on I have to deal with it then… possible solution: move to another country ….

    Simple example: I will visit Bangkok and hang out in the red light district, highly likely plenty of people taking videos and posting them wherever and with advances in face recognition, maybe my next employer checks what comes up when checking my face…..OK I could worry and visit the Vatican and hang out around the churches, but I don’t care and if Bangkok causes me problems later on, at least I had a good time…..

    Just my 2 cents….


  2. Eli, but this is just viewer cruelty on your part to mention something called “Mormon dances” and never explain what that was all about 🙂 I think I know a little about Mormons…. but their dances? What was so special about their dances?

    As to politics, some years ago I actually saw young people in top UK universities get indoctrinated into all sorts of awful violent crap. Extremist Islamist preachers were allowed (and even provided with classrooms!) to try and brainwash students of Muslim (Pakistani and Arab mostly) descent into all-out jihad. Just think about that… Once I challenged one of those preachers and there was a scene but the local British reporters sat and watched like it was nothing at all. As to the students, most never bought into that garbage but there will always be a few who do and get their lives ruined. Some will be used for violence abroad and some will be jailed at home when it fits the government’s agenda. I realise that this is nothing new and such things have been going on for ages (at least in Britain – this I know for sure) but still… it’s kinda awful that young people can’t trust even their own alma mater not to lead them straight into a trap with lifelong consequences.

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