1. You talked about the issue of of running out of ideas for content.

    Just a suggestion: in addition to traveling to places to “see” things, you could travel to places to “learn” things. like mountain climbing , parachuting, or getting an introduction in blacksmith work or so ….. could open up plenty of new topics….

    Good luck with you new machine 🙂

  2. Appreciate the info. I am trying out several different vid editing software. However I have…yes Windows, but would like to maybe get a used Mac. What model did you say you have?
    I am still trying to figure it all out. I realized that I need to try and stay current with tech and news in order to keep the content fresh. I have started uploading vids to YT right now until I get my site going. I did some of the math for YT.

    Let me know if this sounds about right…
    12-15 min vids:
    Avg 3 min view time per person = 4,000 hrs = 240,000 min @ 80,000 views = $160/month.
    Yippy! I better understand your abhorrencetoward YT now.

  3. Have you been to the Art Institute of Chicago? It’s one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. I don’t appreciate art but even I spent many hours there.
    It’s along the way since you’re planning to go to Indiana to see art.

  4. Since you’re worried about eventually running out of topics I also have a suggestion.
    I believe you had something great going with answering people’s questions with a video – this was during GeekSexyNews I believe.
    At the begining people asked a crazy amount of questions. Some people asked 5 questions in one day. Therefore after just a few months everyone blew through all their questions. So the questions stopped and you abandoned the idea.

    However I think your idea could thrive with a little fine tuning.

    I would suggest:
    1. Have a limit of 1 question per person per month. This gives people time to think of new good questions. They would also put more thought and time into their questions.
    2. Instead of limiting questions to technology allow any kind of reasonable questions. I’ve seen you give some of the most amusing answers to non-technical questions.

    I would even pay an extra $5 a month to ask a question and have it answered in a video.

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