1. “They’re not selling very many” => “I forgot to account for the fact just about everyone has a phone now and not everyone has $1,000 laying around to just drop on a new phone.”

    Granted phone providers are pushing people down the financing and ‘renting’ route but still, I feel like “tech” reviewers are often absent-minded to some logical reasons why technology sale trends eventually shift. 35% profit for only a quarter is rather impressive given that the phone had just launched. The focus of the article is also on Q1 which if you think about holiday spending and where people are generally at financially after major holidays, wth did they expect? I think it’s still a little too early to be calling the flagship product a ‘failure’. 2018 is a long way from over and sale trends can do funny things even over a period of a month.

    Technology growth and demands in the industry are more on solving complex problems, not changing hard drives and building web pages. The demand is for people who are beyond A+ and who already have experience in building and implementing solutions. The jobs are with 3rd part consulting companies providing a service to an organization that already outsourced some or all of their IT needs.

    There is more value in people who know how to apply technology to solve business problems than for people who know CCNA and A+ inside and out. CCNA is often joked about in the industry, as a hazing method, senior network engineers would send newly hired CCNA techs to go update a router manually. It’s appalling how many of them don’t even know how to use a serial cable. Backing up a config or updating firmware? Deer in headlights look. Experience goes beyond just knowing how to work in a virtualized lab environment.

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