1. Your recent series of videos actually prompted me to remove Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube from my phone. I like Twitter because so many well-known names in the InfoSec community are very active there. However, over the last month, I noticed I’d developed a habit of constantly checking my feed on my phone. I didn’t realize how distracting it was and how it was impacting my productivity. Since removing it, I’ve had a pretty good last few days. Maybe now I’ll finally start regaining the momentum I’d lost for a couple months.

      • I’m keeping Twitter for professional reasons. I only follow infosec professionals on that account. However, instead of letting social media control me, I’m taking back control of when I will set aside time to view it on a computer. RescueTime keeps me on track at work so it would be after hours in the evening.

        LinkedIn I’m still debating on. I’ll probably keep it around until I land my next job, but once I’m well established and networked in the OffSec community I’ll probably do away with it then. For now, I have no use it for it on my phone, it’s simply there because I connected with a senior penetration tester at a conference and I want to remain on the radar of that private consulting company.

        YouTube is on its last legs for me. There are only 3 content creators I really follow but having it on my phone and getting notifications of new videos was distracting. I’d rather be surprised the next time I log in to YouTube than to have my phone nagging at me about new content.

  2. I haven’t been posting stuff on Facebook for a while. I got a message from my friends saying why you were sharing ads to me on Facebook? I logged on, my account got hacked! Someone used my account and shared sunglasses ads to all contacts. I immediately deleted all of them and apologized to my friends. Deleted linked apps and turned on the two-factor authentication.
    Years ago, I was interested in all kinds of social platform. I signed up for a lots of them but I barely logged on them after. Now I am trying to deactivate the ones I’m not using. I guess having too many of these social account could allow the hackers to guess your password?
    I’m still keeping my Twitter active on my phone as Twitter has a better UI than others, and some people I’m interested in and active. I barely use Facebook now and I use my computer to watch Youtube videos.
    People say that they use these social platforms to contact each other. I use phone voice/text and my email. You now have Messengers, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.. Too many. Having one is enough especially lots are repetitive.

    • Yeah, I would agree you only want to use the Technology that you deem to be valuable to you instead of using just anything and everything under the sun.

      My advice to you would be to search around online and see what accounts you may have open which you have forgotten about and then figure out how to regain access to them and then schedule them for deletion.

  3. Congratulations, Eli! I’ve been off of social networks for the last several years and even prior I never really got into them to begin with except for MySpace and then YouTube which I would say has been my most utilized social platform.

    Although, until recently have created a Facebook account to keep in touch with family and some other colleagues. However, I’ve hardened the security up to and including having indexing turned off and pretty much all activity is shared via Friends only.

    Will it always be valuable to me, probably not and when the time comes I no longer see value in Facebook I will go and purge the data that has built up (posts, comments) and then schedule it for deletion.

  4. I am at odds with the actualities of the things you are decicing . Not to mis-interperet , i dont know you from the next guy so i dont have a care one way or the other, to be clear i comment on the value … you like that word , . So as i view logging off or not using social tools , as with everything there are at least a double edge to it. Obviously social tools have their advantage in many ways for many differant sectors , as in personal, professional ect.. So what are the disadvantages ? Well the shear amount of data gathering , quite sneaky some of the methods they use while declaring full transparity, all in the guise of providing the user with better service. I am of the opinion that any information no matter how absurd or un related it may seem still has some value. at times ive found , what i thought to be absolutely as close to worthless as can be later turned out to be a life saver . Now id suppose what does it take or what does it cost in any terms to obtain the new info is the info Thaat valuable ? well how would you ever know …if you never knew ? or tried . on a side note, Not to impressed with myself in this comment , almost feel like i couldve put some more thought into it to present myself as at least a decently educated individual. ah well , there are a many items i feel i ought to put more thought into some things , go off the cuff on em and turn out fine. On the other hand , time management is a factor , ahh dont have much time to babble a bunch of nonesesne thay actually has no value.

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