1. You know what would be cool Eli for one of you sites? If you actually go through the working of getting into the real world and just record your process and show off the emails, resumes, the back and forth. This could be a special show on Failed Normal to show why having a content creation or tech based solutions outside of the job market is required in 2018 and going forward. I imagine for the younger folk who haven’t got into the work force yet or they are still thinking about A+ etc, it provides a real comparison.

  2. Well said, Eli. As far as roles go in the real world corporate environment I believe there is a lot of opportunity as long as people are willing to learn and advance their own skills and obtain a higher level of education to support those skills. I say, to support because just going to University doesn’t automatically grant you skills, you have to work at acquiring skills and honing them up to a Professional level.

    I’ve primarily liked a lot of IT Systems stuff which is in a traditional sense your servers and performing maintenance and updates to them. But, have found an interest more in IT Business Systems which also encompasses servers but is more or less supporting higher level enterprise applications along with DevOps which is also relatively related to Business Systems roles in a modern enterprise.

    Having worked in both small and enterprise environments I’ve been mostly interested in generalizing my skills across multiple subjects but learned in recent time that that has lead to stretching myself too thin and therefore since I’ve been with my current employer who’s globally all over the world I’ve been relatively siloed into only working on specific things and have found a new found interest in specialization rather than generalization.


    • … I doubt it will be gone… it’s more that it will go the way of Yahoo… Yahoo was the number 1 site on the web for a long time, but they kept making bad decisions and now it’s just a has been brand under Verizon.

      Look at AOL, Yahoo, Research in Motion (Blackberry), Sun Microsystems, Palm, MySpace, Motorola and many more. They were the “YouTubes” of their day, and now they are not much more than a trademark. They lost site of what they were doing, believed their own crap, and slowly faded to obscurity… I just saw today that Groupon is trying to sell itself, and not that long ago Groupon was supposed to be the next evolution in business.

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