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  1. This is advice for which I was very grateful to you, because thanks to your videos it was a trap I managed to avoid when I started my business. After approx 18 months of trading my outlay has still only been about £15/$20 for some business cards, a handful of coding books, web hosting, and some Udemy courses. That’s it.

    I constantly find myself thinking “I should get a new macbook, I deserve it for some reason”, then force myself to consider whether I actually need it. Answer? No, not right now. I work from home, which means that I’m not paying extra rent for an office, and as a bonus I get to keep the place clean and tidy. Having minimal to no overheads is what got my business over the difficult take-off. Whereas I know a guy who spent £30,000 on a series of radio advertisements for his new business, and got precisely zero phone calls. I think too many people get hung up on being a ‘legitimate’ business. Personally, I love just trucking along at home.

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