One Question at a Time

Focus on answering your questions one at a time.  Too many people become overwhelmed with the number of questions and then don’t end up really understanding whether or not what they’re doing is working.


  1. It wasn’t that bad. I recognize that was your first meetup event in several years. There was still a lot of good value even though the quality wasn’t what you normally post.
    You can probably figure out ways to scale later just by putting your Cult of the Grind seminar live streams/recordings behind your paywall.

  2. I agree with Jonas. Really, from the bottom of my heart, you did your presentation pretty damn well! I think you will continue with enjoying doing this as long as you choose “hot” topics that interest you as well. The next meet-up is about “Cybersecurity”. I put my monthly paycheck on the table to bet that every chair in the meetinghouse is occupied by someone.

    To be honest, I think that the reason why not so many people showed up is that you’re saying too your viewers for more than a year that YouTube is sinking. Whether or not you’re right about that fact is not the question. Your viewers believe what you’re saying so if you organize a meetup about “How to start a YouTube business” or something related to that, yeah then it’s pretty (failed-) normal that people don’t show up.

    I really enjoyed the live stream! The quality was fine for me. The only trivial point, at least for me, is that when the meetup started, it was 00:30 AM here. But yeah, you can’t make everybody happy, right? 🙂

    P.S.: I thought you were much taller. I guess I’m two heads taller then you are. Lol!

  3. Basically I would like to add my voice to Jonas and Ann C. Cult of the Grind and see seminar live streams/recordings behind the paywall. The only question is how do you guys receive access to the live stream? Was it advertised somehow? If so pleased advice how to do it next time.

  4. Eli, you could try making a team for the presentation, try it one time to see if its work..
    At least a promotion team..
    what this team does is simply : designing a poster, put a poster at university board, get in touch with student club in university, getting 5 minutes promotion talking at student community meeting.

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