The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review (Deadpool 1.5)

I was worried going into The Hitman’s Bodyguard yesterday.  On my YouTube channel I have made it clear over the past year and a half how bad I think most modern movies are.  This year I found John Wick 2 to be insufferable trash, and walked out halfway through Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  In both cases the directors seemed to believe the point of a movie is special effects and showing off toys.  Character development and a reason to care about anything on the screen was left on the cutting room floor.

My one hope for this movie was Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.  From the trailers the movie basically seemed like a cash grab for Deadpool hype, and I was fine with that.  Thankfully the movie delivered.  It was pure Deadpool 1.5, or possibly a Deadpool Prequel?

Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson plays Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek shows a side I was surprised to see work.  They take the characters, give them just enough a plot to tie 2 hours together, and then let the action fly.  It’s a fun, popcorn, for the love of the spaghetti monster don’t think about the moral implications for 2 hours, movie.

I was happy with it basically beginning to end.  The last 10 minutes drags on a bit, but that wasn’t too bad.  This movie does what too many movies have forgotten to do lately.  It focused on the characters and then the plot was simply window dressing.

Some reviewers complain that it’s a forgettable movie, and frankly they are probably right.  Personally I prefer enjoying myself for 2 hours with a forgettable movie that I’ll be happy to watch on the airplane again vs. the tedious schlock that’s being put out that I’ll remember for years to come because it was such a chore to get through.

If you liked Deadpool, the first John Wick, and the Expendables go see this movie.  If not there’s nothing about the movie that makes it better on the big screen vs. renting if off of iTunes in a few months.


  1. I did a youtube search “eli the computer guy” to see if anyone would have made a video about your departure from youtube. Nope. Instead I found a couple of your old videos having been uploaded by other channels (a short time ago with zero subs.)

    Is that a daily, routine task for a youtuber, to make few searches to find your own stuff and flag the videos. Is it so that anyone can create an account and upload other´s video (by the hundreds) without any threat of any sanctions? How big of a problem is this (for a one man content creator)?

    • … This is a real problem. Folks just download entire videos and then reupload them… as a practical issue its not a real concern for me though. How the algorithm works videos/ channels with subs and views are ranked higher. So you’ll see a lot of people upload other creators content, but then get 5 views. Honestly it seems like a waste of time for them.

      I used to worry about it, but for the amount of time it took trying to take down all these tiny channels wasn’t worth the effort. But yet again this is another example of how YT doesn’t support creators very well. The people are LITERALLY copy/pasting my description… it doesn’t take some AI powered hash to be able to auto flag something that obvious.

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